Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If you do evolve - you can "dent the universe"

Apple's Incredible Performance Brought Into Context:

Another one from Business Insider - It is not just Apple's ability to evolve, launch new products, and grow revenues.  Apple has been able to drive unprecedented margin growth and cash generation.  Some bullet points (detailed more   HERE   a link to the Business Insider Article - Thanks BI)

- Apple has generated $29 billion in cash over the last 6 months - that is $7mm of cash per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- In Q1 2012, Apple's PROFIT ($11.6 billion) was LARGER than Google's REVENUE ($10.7 billion)

- Apple's iPhone business, which did not exist 5 yrs ago, is now $100 billion in revenues - there are only 53 companies in the world larger than that.

- Together the iPhone and the iPad businesses, again which did not exist 5 yrs ago, alone generate $130 billion in revenue....that is twice the size of Microsoft.

(Click the "HERE" above to get those and more bullet points)

Finally - here is a chart that shows how innovation and the integration of software and hardware has allowed Apple to more than double margins when Micrsoft and Google have seen margins flat to down.  (The full article HERE)



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you don't evolve, you die

Today's Business Insider "Chart of the Day" clearly highlights how a very successful company and leader in an industry can very quickly become irrelevant if they do not evolve. 

Up until late 2010, Nokia was the undisputed King of the mobile phone.  Nokia's slip into the abyss began when they ignored the Smartphone and the way it would disrupt the entire mobile telecom / computing ecosphere.  Additionally, they did not appreciate the importance of the seemless integration of hardware and software, design and function.  The list is long of companies that failed to change and then failed.

The truly successful company is the one that continues to be visionary and evolve, particularly when they think they have it all figured out.